Start posting lots lol :D

I know I haven’t post something in a long time, the thing is I’ve been pretty busy with life hahaha but I’m back and I promise I’ll be uploading tons of my new photos and some sneak peaks at a series of photos I’m starting to work on stay tune ttyl!! 

Ana M 

Just a really cold  december Sunday afternoon at  Burkeville watching my boyfriend and his friends play hockey I should say I’m not a fan of hockey but i accept it is entertaining to watch lol  

karelphotogallery said: jaja ahhh como estass?? yo estudio fotografía y arte en San Francisco, que padre saber que alguien mas esta haciendo lo mismo de México, en que tipo de fotografía estas interesada?

En editorial,conceptual y presentaciones en vivo de bandas, fashion me agrada tambien pero mi amor por la musica es mas grande jijii y tu?

karelphotogallery said: Im not sure who you are but...I am sure I know you from somewhere since I had your email when I looked into my contacts list so I looked you up and notice you are into photography too:)...I just opened my tumblr blog so I am not the best at blogging and stuff...but are u an academy of art student...where do I know you from?...haha LOL I am not a weirdo I promise...

Hey! Creo que ibamos en la prepa juntas y si estoy estudiando fotografia en Vancouver  no sabia que tu tambien andabas interesada en la foto, que genial y que tu donde andas o que ?


Last moth I went to photograph a band that I contacted through craigslist I thought oh! Is going to take a lot of time till someone reads my post and I  was like ok just give it a try and then all of a sudden the next day I got and e-mail from them saying  Hey! We need to get some photos and then I went nuts I couldn’t believe it so then I went to photograph them and I don’t know why I got lost and I couldn’t find the place I arrived late so I call the frontman of the band and he was like oh don’t worry we have more gigs coming up and actually we play before the time I told you we would play and I was like ok so what do I do next and then he said anyway you can come in there’s other bands playing so you can photograph them I was yay! awesomeness so I did and here are some photos I took this bands are really good you should check them out and and of course the band I was supposed to take photos of  EMBERFIELD great music guys!!! I’m looking forward to have a photo-shoot with this guys soon now that finally we’re having some nice sunny days. Till my next post


Ana M 

Both bands played at Joe’s Apartment on April 7th 2011 Vancouver BC 

Crazy Fashion Week

Hi Everyone,

This are some of the photos I took last week in my fashion class the studio was really busy with models getting spray with water to make a “out of the pool” kind of look lol and other models changing outfits it was awesome I have discovered I really like fashion photography, now I need to get my final assignment for this class it’s going to be beauty shoots I’ll post them here asap. Ana M 

I needed to post something..

Hi Everyone ! Well this are some photos that I’ve taken in the last month, I’ll be uploading more stuff frequently hope you guys like it c-ya.